The NSS Vertical Training Commission (VTC)
Public Comment Page

The NSS Vertical Training Commission (VTC) concept received the approval of the NSS Board of Governors (BOG) in August, with the creation of the VTC transition committee.  This committee, building on previous efforts by the VTC ad hoc committee, has completed this proposed charter for this new commission. Following the charter’s acceptance by the BOG, this commission will begin the process of creating nationwide programs to teach vertical caving techniques, with the goal of increasing safety and proficiency in US caving.

For those who are interested in becoming the first set of leaders for this new and exciting program please visit the applications page.

Proposed Charter of the VTC

Public Comment Opportunities

The VTC Transition Committee is ready to accept input from NSS Members who have ideas for improvements of the charter.  It should be noted that the bylaws of the VTC will be in alignment with this charter, and will be subordinate to the NSS Bylaws and board acts,  but will not be finalized until the commission is seated.  Please refrain from comments on the need for by-laws or similar respects of the charter that can not be finalized until the staffing step of this process has been completed. If you are interested in being more involved in the VTC please submit your comments in the form below,  watch the town hall meeting above, this was held at 9pm ET, Thursday, October 28th 2021, or to become more involved volunteer here.